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Into Dust by Mike KilroyAvailable onKindle-logo-sm$2.99 Into Dust
Author: Mike Kilroy
Jack Grimm knows when you are going to die.
He doesn’t know the how of it, or the why of it, just the when of it.
Only God knows why.
He thinks he is alone in this Insight, but comes to find there are others like him, all struggling with their peek behind the curtain of Death.
Their backstage pass to Almightypalooza.
Jack tries in vain to save those around him who are one click of a split-flap, flip-clock number away from the end. But each time, he fails.
Jack wonders, “Why have this Insight if I cannot make use of it?” It torments him. Consumes him. Colors every aspect of his existence, which is lived in relative isolation. So afraid of Death he has never truly embraced life.
Until he meets a woman whose death clock he cannot read; Until he is able to spare a man from the onyx talon of Death.
And everything changes.
Jack Grimm is swept into a new reality where the line that he thought was so indelible between life and death is blurred.
He soon discovers the mysteries of Death are complex, but ultimately everything is cyclical.
What is created from dust will turn once again …
Into Dust.
Will the sacrifices he makes in life be enough to save the ones he loves from Death?

Solo-cover-smAvailable onKindle-logo-sm$2.99 Solo
Author: Mike Kilroy
He doesn’t know his real name. He doesn’t know how the world became a dystopian remnant of what it once was. He doesn’t know where all the people have gone. His mind is shattered.
And he’s dancing with a mannequin named Livvy.
He’s Solo—at least that’s what Tom, his only friend in this desolate world, calls him. Tom is without conscience, without remorse, and enjoys spouting folksy one-liners to drive home his beliefs.
Life is like licking honey off a thorn.
Solo’s memories are fleeting. Latent images swirl in the murky ocean of his mind, some surfacing without warning: A girl—Eye Lyds. A hospital. An experiment. Danger. And perhaps the truth.
The truth? Why when a lie would do so nicely?
As Solo begins to string together the fragments of his returning memories, he loses even more of his grip on what is real and what is not. Can he make sense of his life “Before” so he can save the woman whom he loves in the “After?”
Forget the Regret.
Irresistibly readable, Solo is a mesmeric science fiction, psychological thriller in the same vein as The Twilight Zone, and a study in how far one damaged man will go to save someone he loves.
Be careful how you fight the monsters, lest you become one.

BookCoverThe17smAvailable onKindle-logo-sm$2.99 The 17
Author: Mike Kilroy
Zack Earnest will die today.
That’s okay. He’ll be back from the dead tomorrow.
You Only Live Once? Not here.
Here the rules of life and death don’t apply.
Whisked away from his home, his only friend and his mother’s scrumptious eggs, 17-year-old Zack finds himself a stranger in a strange land, surrounded by other teenagers from his world and many others, held hostage and thrust into barbaric games by an ancient species known only as the Ankhs.
The Ankhs are in their death throes and seek a “Spark” to survive. Zack and sixteen others just like him may possess it.
Along the way Zack falls for the girl (in the solar system) next door, and they soon discover the Ankh’s intentions are not what they seem and that sometimes, no matter how badly you want a thing, you can’t have it.From the best-selling author of Nine Meals comes a story of hope and redemption, of patience and understanding, of acceptance and belonging and that, even in the center of the universe, love is a constant.
Read the first two chapters of The 17

NineMealsBookCoverSun-smAvailable onKindle-logo-sm$2.99 Nine Meals
Author: Mike Kilroy

Cheese Ravioli, Beefaroni or SpaghettiOs? That is the big decision Shep has to make on this day – a day that will turn his sheltered, post-apocalyptic life upside down. He has seen the worst that humanity has to offer, and that was before the sun belched and the power grid failed. In these grim times, the world has turned into a lawless frontier, where people kill for food and water, weapons and shelter. It only took three days – or the absence of nine meals – for anarchy.Shep and Antigone, the girl he rescues, march across the unyielding landscape toward the one place unsullied by the disaster. On their arduous journey, they fight hunger and disease, desperation and death and run from a man who wants nothing more than vengeance.bestseller

What people are saying about this book:

“Don’t plan on doing anything else until you are done reading this book. You won’t be able to put it down.”

“I love the way the characters were interconnected.”

“Very cleverly written and especially loved the heroine. Thanks for writing a strong female lead that was believable and enjoyable.”

“The concept is so original and so well written.”

“There is NEVER a dull moment in this book!”