Welcome to Fishtail Publishing!

Have you written a novel but have hit roadblocks in getting it published? Don’t get an agent or blindly send your manuscript to a publisher who has a slush pile on her desk. Take the publication of your masterpiece into your own hands.

E-books are growing exponentially in popularity. Ink is being traded for pixels and this affords writers a unique opportunity.

Fishtail Publishing wants to help. The best part? It’s free.

Yes. Free.

We know how daunting it can be to publish digitally. We can take that frustration out of your hands and allow you to focus on what is really important: your writing. We are trying to build our library of quality e-books and to do this we are offering, for a limited time, help in digital publishing with no cost to you. If your manuscript is accepted by our editorial staff, we will format your text so it will be ready for publication. We will also design a professional-looking cover for your book.

We are doing this because we know what it is like to have a quality manuscript sitting idle without an audience.

We are looking for all genres of fiction. No non-fiction at this time. Please refer to our submission guidelines for more details.

Don’t become discouraged. Fishtail Publishing is here to help!

Into Dust
Our next publication is now available on Amazon.com!